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apply effects to existing tracks or record new sound directly in the program.n01 free to download from our software.
Rice. 2.1. Some "horizontal" audio tracks
You can also record samples for other directions. They are given in Table. 2.1:
Table 2. 1 - Two tracks of the original sound
track type
track sound
original sound
Track recording function
\ First track
Inside the program
2.7.2. Recording a track on a "layer"
The MorpherMusic program (see Appendix B) allows you to record audio tracks that will be used to create another track, such as an audio track or a music track. In this book, we will cover this process in detail in Chapter 3.1, but here we will only briefly recall what needs to be done.
Run the Morpheme program (second line from the top) and connect the CD drive.
At the bottom of the program window, find the point where you want to record, and then select the speakers for which you want to record a track.
Speakers can be set automatically or manually (CD label or mic input added to setup dialog). Consider using the LOCK and SONG buttons. Usually they are used to avoid samples, as well as to play the track in advance.
To get started, you can choose from two options that the SON1 button uses. This button performs the same operation as the OK button (when recording the track that is being recorded). Press the SON2 button to select a drum or one of two other types of drums (for example, foot, bass, or hard rock).
Press SON3 to apply the style (this type of drum has the ability to apply one style to the entire track), while you can adjust the volume and playback speed.
The SON key allows you to perform a number of operations (see: SON), such as introducing a style, printing it, applying it, and deleting it. When using the keyboard, some sounds and text may change, so please read the description of the tool carefully when you first start it.
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