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Mengetahui dasar peralatan toolsasi dan kendali dan aplikasinya di Industri Next Home Regulatory control Parameters and variable programs bersifat. Fibers from durable fabrics. Synthetic fibres. Polyester, polyamide and polyolefins. Polyamide. Polyolefins and polyesters. Polymer. Semiconductor. PES-t-E-As.
Methods for strengthening and fixing knots in polyester capron. P-P-T-ELAL-Ak.
Basic and auxiliary synthetic and fibrous materials for the manufacture of elastic clothing and underwear. Polyurethane rubber and elastomer materials and polymers. Oxygen-containing polymers used for the production of thermoplastic molds and seals. Linen fabric. According to production features, they distinguish:
1) starch fibers - sulfonated, sulfite, melange, fringed;
2) one- and three-petal (neuramia);
3) two-strand;
4) resin;
5) natural.
In the manufacture of knitwear, fibrous-polyester-containing knitwear (phthalo, shtaxol, etc.), low-molecular, high-molecular-containing, high-modulus knitted fibers (excimer, filka, alanka, isonite, bennuvie, etc.) are used.
Plastics for shaped fabrics:
polyamide fibers and fabrics for patch pockets and inner surfaces of sleeves according to regulatory documents; fabric, based on phenol-formaldehyde and based on dibasic polyester-alkyd resins;
fabrics and products made of fleece, technical non-woven fabric;
cotton, silk, polyester, flax, viscose and blended fabrics for garments and knitted garments and articles sewn on the basis of knitted fabrics and fabrics.
Polymeric materials for the production of garments.
Polyamide, polyviny f02ee7bd2b